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Love could well just be the greatest rebel ever, it does its torment on you severer than any fiend could plan and does its grace upon you like no God could ever do. It has no rules to play by and no end to where it flows. Love could give you courage and leave you scared, give you dreams and leave you hopeless, could leave you rich tomorrow, begging today. And for something so graceful and unforgiving at the same time , you do what it says and be the servant of the master.

‘Parkha Hai Maya’ is my service to love , it is my will to run away from it and come back a circle on my knees, it is me stretching my soul out of it and getting pulled down by the gravity of it, it is me running a romantic as fast as I could, it is me not being able to and staying in it.

One can never be the administrator of its love as it happens upon you with no regard to the rules of your time or the season of your heart. It arrives at you with no signals, no warnings and sweeps you into the world of emotions that doesn’t make friends with you, even for all your trying.

The dear moments, now unsparing memories, then a life in castles in cloud, now burning in the Inferno, then the thrill of an unknown love and now a battle study, a mistake that couldn’t be rectified, a chance to do it all over again, a fear of what her love could be about this moment, and the everlasting fight with regret.

I give you ‘Parkha Hai Maya’ with my humble efforts and sincerity , and a promise to be the same way in future.

Official Music video for Saurab Tamang’s ‘Parkha Hai Maya’.

Written | Composed | Performed by:
Saurab Tamang

Music Produced | Mixed |Mastered by:

Director: Abhi Sampang Rai
Art Director: Shristi Rai
Cast: Samasti Rai & Uttam Rai
Edit/Color: Bikesh Magar
Dop: Bikesh Magar
Cinematographer: Saman Maharjan
Stylist: Shristi Rai / Samasti Rai
Clothing Partner: T’s Armoire / Mode23

Special Thanks to the whole Team of Chinoetales Production.

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To Maya.