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Only If You Say So – Lyrics:
Another sunset fades to night
The sounds of sirens
Blurring through like light
Bouncing off the walls of my room
Like lightning in the dark
You’re all that I can see

And there’s a fire in my soul
Its powering the ships main control
Through the stormy roughness at sea
Thunder broke my thoughts
But you flash back to me
I always knew it came to you

Another season’s moving on
The warm air feel likes it gone
This chills got a hold over me
I’m frozen to the bone
But you’re all I see
I always knew it came to you

The feelings strong
I get it now
But you say “someday”
Yeah you say some

You’re getting old
You gotta know
But you say “some day”
Yea you say “some day”
That someday its coming

I always knew it came to you

Who knew it all came to you

But you know I’m gonna stay
Only if you say so
Im not gonna say no

I can stay
I’m not gonna say no
Only if you say so

Only if you say so
So far away
Still I’m not gonna say no

Only if you say so

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