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A love song like no other, Azhage (Fallin) is Brodha V’s ode to love in all its forms. A suave and fresh take on love songs, Brodha V’s first outing as a romantic is a fusion of modern and classical beats seamlessly coming together. Oscillating between rap verses and a Tamil chorus, Azhage is a heartfelt love letter from a boy to a girl and how she sets his heart aflutter. A celebration of beauty and marriage between new-age lyrics and traditional Carnatic sounds, Azhage is a swoon-worthy love ballad with a Brodha V twist.

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Story and Concept: Vighnesh Shivanand (Brodha V)
Direction: Vighnesh Shivanand Brodha V and Sujish Das
Director of Photography: Vivian Ambrose
Classical Dancer: Spurthi Ashok
Young Couple: Goutham C and Varshah Kurien
Old Couple: Murthy and Usha
Producers: Vighnesh Shivanand (Brodha V), Nirmal Khona and Arpan Peter
Edit: Sujish Das and Vighnesh Shivanand (Brodha V)
Colorist: Tharan Tandle
Asst. Director: Venu Gopal
Line Producers: Nirmal Khona and Manaswi Gundi
Costume and Styling: Brodha V and Sana Shawkath Khan
Make-up and Hair: Keerthi and Nayana Gowda
Casting: Vighnesh Shivanand (Brodha V), Nirmal Khona, Sujish Das and Sana Shawkath Khan
Artist Managers Brodha V: Nirmal Khona and Manaswi Gundi
Management and Bookings:, &
Artist PR & Image Management:

Music: Brodha V
Lyrics: Brodha V
Recording: Akash Shivakumar (Cadence Studios)
Mixing: Brodha V
Mastering: Chris Gehringer

Special Thanks to By The Peepal

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