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Current City: Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
Hometown: Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

Tushar Srivastava aka JAYBIRD is born on 3rd June 1994 and bought up in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. A small town boy, grown in a middle class KAYASTHA (Srivastava) family where his father was a government employee and mother was house wife initially during his childhood, a lil sister and grandmother. He and his sister were studying in English Medium school in Gorakhpur. Almost all the children of the relatives were studying in Hindi Medium school, but his mother’s wish was to make her children study in English medium seeing of the future growth. The family income was not that sufficient to get studied into English medium school, his mother started working to see her children studying in convent school and speaking English. The story of every house, cannot see others growth, his relative started teasing his mother for her different thought process and vision. Its always tough to stand against your close one and fighting mentally with them for our own growth. She started absorbing all the negativity which led her develop an internal pain which also started effecting her body internally but she never left the battle field for her children. Its really hard for a person to manage things when their mental health is not good. The little boy (Tushar) used to watch all the gestures, arguments of her with the relatives, with her grandmother taking relative’s side, the gathering of relatives in the house during her illness phase too, making of food for everyone, seeing no-one helping her with anything, the pain in her eyes, standing alone feel. His father was a Depression patient so was almost neutral in these things and his mother was almost fighting alone. The little boy from the age of five years to eleven was developing to see the different forms of pain beard by his mother and the motivation and lessons given by his mother to always fight were making a kid. She was graduated that time(early 90’s) in English but her dreams were not able to fulfilled as she was the youngest among eight siblings and also a girl child which was not much focused that time and was getting married early. His mom was his everything, she used to give him a situation and to self learn “ Choose what’s right or wrong by your inner soul and then come to a result by placing urself in the place of other persons situation and feeling the similarity”. She was a warrior and was a creating a little( boy Tushar) warrior too. She always used to tell that “ your sis is to small, you have to take care of her and not let her get an environment I got”. The boy was learning alot and has started feeling things.