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Say Yes (Anthony Thomas Cover) – Reid Friedl – Choreography-Freestyle | My first video! I hope you all enjoy it! Subscribe! More to come! I felt a really strong connection to this song from the first time I heard it. It seemed to just speak to me, ya know? Such a strong, soulful presence in this artists voice, it just made me want to dance. It wasn't my usual, high energy stuff. I wanted to show another side of me and my choreo. A…..reflective, thoughtful side? I guess I have one of those… I didn't over-choreograph it, as I just wanted to feel the lyrics and freestyle in parts. A HUUGE thank you and shout out to Romy Young for the amazing work he did filming and editing this! Disclaimer : The content is for promotional purpose only & it's not for sales or profit making. This is only intended to showcase the creativity of the artist involved.

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