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The Folk Rang Series is an experimental fusion music series of folk and rock. It’s Meghdhanush’s take on sustaining the beautiful heritage. The third episode – ‘Kesariyo Rang’ – This song is a traditional Garba song, of how everyone is colored in a single hue of wanting to perform the Garba as an ode to the Goddesses of Navratrii. It accentuates being lost in the rhythm of the songs and dancing away under the blessings of the Goddesses. It reveres Maa Amba, and pays a tribute to her being – dancing during the festival as an ode to her. Original Composition: Traditional Lyrics: Traditional Team Meghdhanush Jainam Modi (Bass, Vocals) Karan Patel (Guitars, Vocals) Dhaivat Jani (Drums, Vocals) Sani Shah (Vocals) Dwit Hathi (Guitars, Vocals) Featuring Artist Zalak Pandya (Harmonium) Mixing & Mastering: Chris Hesse (The Light House Recording Studio, USA) Recording Engineers: Raag Sethi & Pranav Yagnik Recording: Compass Box Studios, Ahmedabad & Studio Even Harmony, Ahmedabad Co Producer: Naman Shah Associate Producer: Sajju Jain & KBS Creations Video Production Team: Alhaan Director: Rohit Srivastava Editor: Rohit Srivastava Cinematography: Ajay Sahu, Rohit Srivastava Visual Artist/Graphic Designer: Apoorv Dass Behind the Scenes Video & Photography: Abhishek Singh Styling/Makeup/Production Design: Sab Moh Maya Hai by Rohit Srivastava Equipments: Space Communications by Kamlesh Shah & Accord Equipments Light Design Team: Zorba Stage Crafts Light Engineers: Harsh Shah, Dharmendra (DK) Set Design Team: Keeda Kandi Priya Brahmbhatt Jay Brahmbhatt Yash Khatri Associate Partner: The Arvind Store & Lexcru – Water Purification Venue Partner: Ouroboros – Art Hub, Ahmedabad Video Equipment Partner: Space Communication by Kamlesh Shah Social Media Partner: Ahmedabad Live Crowd Funding Partner: Wishberry Supporting Partner: HL College Alumni Association Project Manager: Samarth Pancholi & Mamta Keswani Special Thanks: Vidhi Patel Amar Khandha Bhavik Thanki Paresh Madhaparia Bhavesh Vyas Ankit Danak Prateek Gupta Shayana Shah Rajesh Kale Zankhana Prajapati Sagar Ganatra Rustom Dalal Suhas Patel Rishabh Shah Bandish Soparkar Jinal Modi Jaimin Trivedi Milit Pandya Mit Jani Aayush Patel Rahul Parswani Chirag Dave Gaurav Kapadia For more, visit: Website : Facebook : Instagram : Twitter : For Live Show Bookings – OR 9898731239 #FolkRang #FolkRock #Garba #Meghdhanush

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