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Current City: Philadelphia, PA, USA
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA, USA

Genre: *Singer-Songwriter/Pop *New Age/Ambient/Jazz *Film/Music Videos Award winning musician/performer/filmmaker/Tourettes advocate For Bookings/Speaking: Esderecords@gmail 610 368 6775 About Stephen and his work: Anything can happen when multi-instrumentalist / composer / producer / filmmaker Stephen Dijoseph enters a studio. Whether it’s the percussive grooves of his solo guitar and vocals, the backing drives of a firey rhythm section, the quirk and funk of his trademark solo “Pianopoetry”, or the ease and flow of his ambient productions and collaborations. Dijoseph the recording artist is a man of many skills and moods. “Though technical preparation is required,” he emphasizes, “It’s all about what I feel.” And what Stephen feels is made unique by another very “outspoken collaborator” as he refers to his experience of living with Tourette’s Syndrome. “Tourette’s showed up for me around the same time as my passion for music.” ” I was around 6 years old,” Dijoseph recalls. With that passion and “partnership” with Tourette’s, he has fashioned an award-winning career, garnering praise and accolades for his multi-genre CD releases and video productions. _MG_7630Dijoseph’s pursuit of a musical career began with drum lessons in 4th grade. Within a year he began asking for a keyboard and lessons. Influenced by his favorite progressive rock and jazz icons, Stephen soon gravitated towards classical piano studies and composition. At 17, his uncle Louis gave him an old Harmony guitar and with it he began exploring songwriting. “My aim with the guitar has always been to create something interesting that would support a good vocal melody”. DR.Robshow On The Dr. Rob Show Stephen’s autobiographical movie A SynapTic Adventure: Tourette’s and Beyond won Best Emerging Documentary in the Bucks Fever Film Fest 2013. In it, Dijoseph tells the story of growing up in “the dark” as it were, trying to understand the strange urges, movements and compulsions that filled his childhood. My intention here is to tell this story from an emotional perspective. I hope to convey a very relatable feeling to the viewer.” ____________________________________