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Current City: Germany
Hometown: Germany

I am 17 years old and my passion is music. With my acoustic guitar and my voice, I perform my own, self-written songs as well as Coversongs. I delight my audience with my authentic style, dedication, joy and passion for music. My repertoire consists of well-known classics from the rock and pop history up to current songs from the charts and of course own compositions. My passion for music I have recognized quite early. As a child I was very happy to sing, I was in the children's choir, and later I began to take guitar lessons, as I always wanted to be able to accompany my voice on the guitar. At the age of ten I began to compose my first songs, accompanied by my great brother Lukas on the acoustic guitar. Somehow I began to accompany myself on the guitar. Only after a while did I get the idea to cover songs. Thanks to the great support from my parents, I was able to gain more and more experience. Meanwhile, I regularly have solo performances (vocal + acoustic guitars) and performances with my band "Unity".