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Current City: Taganrog, Russia
Hometown: Taganrog, Russia

Maxima Artis Kosmopolites (aka Maksim Vasilievich Naydenko) has been born in 1977 in Russia. First and last child in classical soviet and Russian intelligent family… Mother was and still a teaching physics in high school and father was a military man (air force colonel, who is currently retired). Nomadic life of householder gave the family chance to live in numerous countries across Soviet Union and Europe. That journey was ended in 1993, after Berlin's wall fall and the family returned into a home town – Taganrog (where Maksim Vasilievich Naydenko was born as well as Anton P. Chekhov and many other artists and writers). Father leaves the family, soon after and moving to a Moscow, while Maksim becoming a student of local technical university and artist, who is now known as Maxima Artis Kosmopolites. In University he creates several exhibitions, concerts and tv shows for local and regional networks. However, after graduation ( in 1999-2001) all activity turns into online only... All that summary leads to creation of «Crazy films» - studio and label which has been found by Maxima Artis Kosmopolites and PacificSiren (his companion), also known as Irina Gribkova, for production and promotion M.A.K.'s art (music, images, films…) For now studio created several releases, such as numerous artworks, one music album and a few 3d animation and other films, which are promotes and shows M.A.K.'s fineart, photography, philosophy, sound art and music… You can find more information in corresponding sections of official site/message board: