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Kaki Singer


Current City: Udaipur, Rajasthan, India
Hometown: Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Hema Dangi (Born September 22, 2002), known professionally as Kaki Singer (Artist name) is an Indian singer-songwriter and Performer. She was born in Udaipur (City of Lakes), Rajasthan and sings English, Hindi as well as Punjabi songs. As of September 2020, she has more than 54k followers on Instagram. In May 2019, She released her first original song “Clangish Sargam”. Her career includes six originals songs, and has worked alongside talented artists as Won Theory, Ashour and Parham Potki. Early Life: Kaki was born the second of two daughters. At an early age, her family noticed her interest in music, and encouraged her to continue music. She was introduced to Indian Classical Singing at the age of nine, and started learning at Sangeet Natya Niketan, Udaipur. She learned her basics there for two years and then transferred to Maharana Kumbha Kala Kendra, Udaipur. From there she started taking part in All India Classical Competitions as Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad and Ninaad Sangeet Mahotsav, Agra at both places she won first prize in Khayal Gayaki. And then she started singing devotional songs at local shows. Till then she made some Hindi and English cover songs on YouTube. As about her education she completed her senior secondary education from Commerce in 2020 as well as Senior Diploma in Music (Vocal) from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad. In July 2018 she joined Talentsofworld, a platform for talented artists across the world, and from there, her true journey begins.   Career: After learning about professional work with Talentsofworld, Kaki released her first single ‘Clangish Sargam’ in May, 2019 with more than 8.7 lakh views on as of October, 2020. Her second official song was ‘Sargam 2’ released on November 6, 2019 which was also remixed by Saggian in July, 2020. Still experimenting with her music and voice, both of these songs were in the same Genre with Indian Classical touch. Then came her third single ‘The Ace’ with Audiotrackerz (from London) in the genre rap which reached over 21 Lakh Views at . Her next two official songs were with Won Theory named ‘Someone Like You’ and ‘Believe in God’ reaching over 12 Lakh and 26 Lakh views respectively. All her music videos till now are produced by Talentsofworld production. She has gained some popularity over the social platforms in the last two years as she has more than 54k followers on Instagram and 17k likes on her Facebook Page. Music Videos: Come To Me : ‘Come To Me’ is a catchy trap song, written and sung by Kaki and for which the music is given by Ashour. While the music makes you groove and stick to the beat, the lyrics and composing attracts you and makes you sing along. In the music world where Trap Music is generally mistaken as Dark and heavy, this is a perfect example that trap is much more than that, and can be catchy and fun. Singer/Songwriter - KAKI SINGER Music - Ashour Music ( from London ) Video by “Talentsofworld Productions”   Believe In God : ‘Believe in God’, true to its name, is a song about having hope in dark times and believing in god. One needs to face all the problems and hate they are recieving, they can’t run all life, the hope and strength to fight is gained from within. Keeping all thoughts aside, one can see clearly how god was always there at every step of life. She accepts that she is afraid but she does not let this fact stop her from following her heart. She says she’ll fight till the very end. The song is written and sung by ‘Kaki’ from India and the amazing music for it is produced by ‘The Won Theory’ from The United Kingdom.    Singer/Songwriter - KAKI SINGER Music - The W0N Theory ( from UK ) Video by “Talentsofworld Productions”   The Ace : This song is a funk-pop song, which has a Western Vibe of a Confident Independent Girl. The Music composer Audiotrackerz is an extremely talented musician from Mauritius. This video has gained more than 1.4 Million Views and 28k+ Likes. Singer/Songwriter - KAKI SINGER Music - Audiotrackerz ( Mauritius ) Video by “Talentsofworld Productions”   Someone Like You : SOMEONE LIKE YOU is an Official song for which the amazing music is produced by THE WON THEORY and is beautifully written and sung by KAKI. The Official Music Video of ‘Someone Like You’ is produced by TALENTSOFWORLD PRODUCTION from India, which reached over 1.2 million views and over 12k likes at Singer/Songwriter - KAKI SINGER Music - W0N Theory ( UK ) Video by “Talentsofworld Productions” Kaki singer is an extremely talented singer. She is an inspiration to a lot of freelancers and Has received appreciation for her work from many Internationally Renowned Artists.   Achievements :     ?    Judge at Forum Rock On 2020, Udaipur      ?    Prayag Sangeet Samiti - Khayal Gayaki, Bhajan and Lok geet - Winner 2017     ?    Ninaad Sangeet Mahotsav, Agra - Khayal Gayaki - Winner 2017     ?    Shastriya Sangeet Competition by Sangeet Natya Academy, Uttar Pradesh at Jodhpur 2017 - Winner     ?    Super Singer Junior by Radio City, Udaipur - Winner 2017