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Current City: Las Vegas, NV, USA

Daniel Andrew Arce, stage name Drew aka REDTRO, is a 15 year old Professional Dancer, currently living in Las Vegas. Born in Bronx, New York and raised by his Puerto Rican parents in Brooklyn, New York. Dancing became natural for him at an early age. Andrew had music all around him. His grandmother was a singer/dancer for a popular salsa group, his father played the trumpet in school and as a local band and his uncle was a local DJ playing anything from house to salsa tracks. This had a huge impact in what he wanted to be in the future. He started dancing in New York (briefly lived in Columbia,SC) and moved to Las Vegas with his family for a better opportunity for his future. 

In Las Vegas, at 10 years old, he enrolled in a Performing Arts Academy and competed against other academies. Although he was a FreeStyler he competed in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and in Choreography Hip-Hop. In the Hip-Hop classes is where he ultimately was given the name REDTRO because of his hair color and his classic Popping ability. He learned different styles of dance and decided to focus on FreeStyle.

At 12 years old he began Street Performing. Using another dance style that is uncommon, at the time, Bonebreaking. Bonebreaking is basicly contortionism with a beat and he excelled by fusioning that style with his other dance styles. At 13 years old he was already making a huge impact in street performing being offered modeling gigs for local clothing companies. At 14 years old he was hired at the MGM Casino to dance for “Beacher’s MadHouse”. 

He is now 15 years old and steadily making a name for himself in the hip-hop circuit with his unique dance style.

He is always taking your requests for new events, showcases, and professional dance videos.
Check out the videos on his social pages and please subscribe to his channel on youtube.

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