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Current City: Pune, Maharashtra, India
Hometown: New Delhi, Delhi, India

Genre : Bollywood | Commercial House | Electro House | Pop House | Uk Bhagra | Commercial R&B & Hip Hop.| Future House

Biography : DJ Faith Believes in Spreading music with Faith and to make people feel the power of music in their veins and spread the most important feeling of all "JOY"

Born and brought up in Delhi, this Punjabi lad, started his career in Pune in 2009 after completing his mechanical engineering degree. 

DJ Faith is known for his music with classic & electic tastes in Summer house, Electronic dance music (EDM), Progressive House, Hip Hop, Bollywood & not to forget Punjabi music which makes him win hears of people around.

Firmly believes in thinking out of the box which is clearly portrayed in the music he delivers. 

A born dancer with enthusiasm, zeal & ability to create an instant connection with people, makes him a favourite with the crowd.

Awards : Runner up Position - Spinmasters war of Dj's 2010

Abhinav Girdhar - 09890344969