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Current City:
Hometown: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dj-The Greek was born on 1987,  he is from Xanthi (Greece) and he lives in the Netherlands the last few years

He started playing music (as an amateur) since he was 11 years old. He began with percussion instruments and since then he’s been a member of many bands, giving live performances on various events and festivals in Greece and abroad. In addition when he was 14 years old he began playing music at many nightclubs of his city (as a DJ), and 2 years later he began playing as a professional. Since then he’s played at many clubs and beach bars in: Greece, Cyprus, Germany and The Netherlands.
He mainly plays:

-House (Tech House, Deep House, Latin House, Afro House, Groove House, Funky House)

Furthermore, he has graduated from music school (6 years) and studied Music Technology and Engineering at a private school (Creations, 2 years). The last 6 years he plays music in the Netherlands at various clubs parties and events.

-Kika Back To Back Festival
-Guinness World Records Festival
-Carnaval Festival
-Koningsdag Festival
-Free Festival
-Bradelier Festival
-Techno Unite
-Kermis Ursem
-Holygreen Festival
-Twentse Lente Festival 


HOUSE MUSIC RADIO STATION    "Los Angeles" (California)    2012    Winner, No. 1

BAAS VAN HET PLEIN    "Almere" (The Netherlands)    2013    No. 2

UNITED DJ COMPETITION    "Zaandam" (The Netherlands)    2014    Winner, No. 1

MAINSTAGE “THE DOORS” "De Lier" (The Netherlands)    2016    Winner, No. 1

KERMIS URSEM "Ursem" (The Netherlands) 2018 Winner, No. 1

HOLYGREEN FESTIVAL "Boskoop" (The Netherlands) 2018 Winner, No. 1

TWENTSE LENTE FESTIVAL "Almelo" (The Netherlands) 2019 Winner, No. 1