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Current City: New Delhi, Delhi, India
Hometown: New Delhi, Delhi, India

Band Members Asif Khan - Vocals Bhavya Mongia - Lead Guitars Vasu Singhal - Drums Mohd Irfan - Keys/Backing Vocals Salman khan - Percussions Sumit Singh - Bass Guitars We present a heady mix of Sufi, Bollywood & retro numbers with a twist! Adding a little rock in our style we have managed to always have the audience on its toes. Bismil was put together by Asif Khan in 2013 and is completed by 5 more musicians that came together fueled by a mutual interest in the same kind of music. Founded a little over three years ago, on the day of love, 14th of February. Coincidentally, our band name 'Bismil' means lover! Reiterating, we are all about love! Love for music, love for sterling live performances to serve a delightful mix no music lover can stay away from. Bismil has been creating waves over the years delivering some of the most splendid and successful shows headlining at various college festivals, music & food festivals, private shows and corporate events.