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Current City: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hometown: Amsterdam, Netherlands

About I am a singer/songwriter from the Netherlands. I grew up with my grandpa being a musicteacher and i love to write songs and sing! Biography Agnessa is a singer/songwriter from the netherlands,she was born into a music family,her grandfather was a music teacher and her uncle a saxophone player,she grew up between different music genre and making it easy for her to be well grounded ,she picked up piano and flute at a tender age and loved to sing all the time around the house which turned out to be a great advantage today, she also took lessons in classical ballet which she also performed at the time,her musical influences includes jazz, soul,rock,love ballads, pop and hiphop, all this genre influences could be found in her upcoming album,she is currently working on her forth coming album due to be released sometime in the summer, her music style could best be described as soulful pop.