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Current City: Utrecht, Netherlands
Hometown: Utrecht, Netherlands

Terrenzo started his passion for music at the age of ten years old. Playing and mixing with music on his computer. Cutting and pasting to create a different sound. Listen daily to music from other dj-producers. (DJ Chuckie, SJRM and Gregor Salto). Till the year of 2015 he was playing, mixing and creating music. In year 2015 his goal was to perform on festivals and clubs for upgrade his DJ skills and performance. He access some dj-contest and there it was. The first festival: World of pleasure talent stage. People couldn’t believe that he was playing live behind the decks. After this he played at: IKON, Versuz, Day Dream Festival, Wild Kingdom Festival and Controll dance event. He sets are full of energy and it will make you forget everything with house music that is fresh and accesible. During the summer of 2016 Terrenzo decide to produce his own tracks in his studio. Till this day now he is working day and night in his studio to get his producing skills upgraded. He made some tracks such as: Infinity, Drop it again and Going Wild. But it isn’t enough for Terrenzo his next goal is to signed up by a label and perform worldwide!