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Current City: Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Hometown: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

My movies is shooted in guerrilla style with low budget.My debut feature film(Ek Paye Royecho Dariye(And Lost Soul),2012.Fiction.91min.) bagged official selection to Golden Aphrodite - First Feature Films Premieres,Festival De Cine De Bogota. Special screening to Cairo Film Festival 2012 its market. My 2nd Feature Film "Orajnoitik Noy" . Filmography: 1.Lovers' Paradise(Docu,2003) 2.Jawaliwanabag of Bengal(Docu,2004) 3.Aya Chand Mama(Short,2005) 4.The Missing President & His Army(Docu,2006) 5.Peace(short,2007) 6.Man,Freedom & God(Docu,2007) 7.Window calls U(short,2008) 8.Ek Paye Royecho Dariye(Feature Film,2012) 9.Orajnoitik Noy(Feature Film,2013) from Newspapers: from Awards: National BFJA(Best Director,2004) International: World Hot Filmmaker Sweden( USA Ranking(IMDb) 10years Experience. My film-making is deeper insights into life and its intricacies.