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Current City: Rasht, Gilan Province, Iran
Hometown: Rasht, Gilan Province, Iran

Parham Potki (born November 15, 1991) is a native of Rasht, a pop singer, Music Producer and composer.

Parham Potki Biography
Parham Potki has been interested in music since he was a child. He wrote rap poetry at the age of 11, and a year later began playing the piano, and at the same time began composing and editing electronics and software in the hip hop genre. After 9 years of successful hip hop style, he started working in pop style. He has a bachelor’s degree in graphics and a diploma in music.

Parham has been working in hip hop for 15 years , he was active in the Tanbe10 group for 5 years and has collaborated with artists such as: Saeed Kermani, Justina, Alireza jj , Ali Owj, Ario Barzan , TM Bax , Mojan Yz , Satrap , Bahman Deev and … in his record.

His hip-hop fans know Parham Potki as Parham Sezar.

Along with pop and R&B, he continues to work in the hip hop genre, composing and producing for many artists.