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Current City: Seoul, South Korea
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

About : Hi! this is a page for all of my dance life, video work, Art work and stuffs! Think as my dance autobiography Thanks! ____________________________________ Biography : 2016 GRAVITY CULTUREGROUND CEO 2015 H2MONDE HOUSE DANCE INSTRUCTOR 2013 STYLE STEPS CREATIVE CREW FOUNDER ____________________________________________________________________ Awards : 2010 Dong Bang Battle vol.6 HOUSE FINALIST 2013 Dong Bang Battle vol.11 HOUSE WINNER 2013 KT & G DANCING WINER 2013 HYUNDAI STREET DANCE PARTY 2on2 ALLSTYLE BATTLE WINNER 2014 TAIWAN MAX PARTY vol.15 HOUSE FINALIST 2014 KOR-RUS INTERANTIONAL YOUTH CULTURE FESTIVAL BEST PERFORMANCE 2014 KOR-RUS INTERNATIONAL YOUTH CULTURE FESTIVAL BEST DIRECTOR 2014 UDCHAPIONSHIP 5:5 BATTLE WINNER 2014 ALL STREET HOUSE TOP 8 2015 119 BATTLE 1on1 ALLSTYLE BATTLE FINALIST 2015 SAN DIEGO HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL 2:2 ALLSTYLE BATTLE TOP 16 2015 KEEP DANCING HOUSE WINNER 2015 GROUND FORCE SESSION vol.16 FINALIS 2016 HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL PAYBACK vol.1 TOP 16 2016 The Field vol.9 3rd 2016 House City Daegu top16 2016 Midnight House top8