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Current City: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Hometown: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Indian Singer Indian singer Khushi Kaur is one of the most renowned Singer and Actor among the top Indian singers/actors. Her song contains both romantic and sad touch in a most heart touchable manner. Apart from her electrifying persona she is very soft spoken and hard working person, who emphasizes more on good work ethics and breathtaking performances. Her voice contains traditional Sufi touch. Actress Khushi Kaur as an actress has done two Bollywood movies and twelve video songs as a lead actress. She is also a professional theater artist and knows core essence of acting . Her on screen persona is something worth watching for. Most probably the best Actress upcoming in the Bollywood Industry. Disk Jockey (DJ) Khushi Kaur lives in Mumbai. Apart from being singer and actress she is a professional Disk Jockey (DJ).She plays her music with full energy.She makes people go on to their feet when she plays. Her mixing and tunes are mesmerizing and can lit up the mood anytime. Her main joners are Techno, Trance, deep house EDM, Electro, Dubstep, Pop, Rock, Jazz etc.