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Current City: Udaipur, Rajasthan, India
Hometown: Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Who we are? Talentsofworld is a worldwide online Talent Promotion, Talent Management, and support platform for talented artists. It includes its own broadcasting platform, Blogs and Articles section, Event Management, Production, and Artist Management. The service allows users to share multimedia content, view, rate, share, report, comment on videos, connect with other artists and have a live chat with the team. This also helps various companies and brands to add Advertisements on the videos at and therefore, provide them the exposure to a large crowd. History : Talentsofworld was originally founded on 14 September 2013 by Rajesh Tiwari, as a platform to promote hidden talents which needed to be showcased to the World. Talentsofworld started with the thought of Creating a Hub of Talented artists, who can Interact, Connect, Collaborate with each other, simultaneously supporting each other. At their initial stage, The company provided a few services like Social Media Sharing and Registration for artists. With time, the company increased its promotional methods and provided numerous services including Social Media Management, Social Media Promotions, Collaborations, Profile Managements, Artist Creative Growth and It also includes a video broadcasting and promotion platform ( ). Today, there are over 5000 users registered with the website.. We wanted to see a pool of talented people from the entire world and from all the fields. Idea was ready and internet has supported our idea as a powerful media. So here we are, ready to see your talents. Services : Talentsofworld has now extended its limited services and promotional methods to a broad extent. In, 2015, it came up with an online competition platform, The idea was to create a platform where Online Competitions and Talent Hunts could take place and artists could be chosen through public voting. The idea didn’t receive much attention as it was ahead of its time, therefore, was discontinued in 2019. In the year 2018, was introduced, the concept was to provide a video platform to broadcast video as well as the content of talented artists to share their talent and creativity out there. The idea and the platform were cherished by a lot of people and thus, the company decided to make the required changes for its User-friendliness. Later in the year 2020 for ease of understanding, its name was changed to Production Services : Talentsofworld also provides Production services for Photoshoots and Video-shoots at minimal costs to Indian Artists. For any kind of promotions or showcasing talents, the most important aspect is the presentation and that is the reason Talentsofworld Production offers High-Quality professional content to talented artists at the lowest prices, this helps in making their online presence stronger and their profile more promising. Talentsofworld Production is a dynamic production house operating in India. The core team is with experiences ranging from the music video to advertisements and even short films. They also provide various services for creative video production, services for corporate videos, cover event videography, attractive commercials, SEO, advertisement production, engaging promotional, marketing videos, creative animation, film production, interviews, testimonials, Video production services within the clients budget. Domains: This is the main platform where Artists and event companies can register and express their ideas and requirements. There are various functions like Talent Hiring or Booking, Events, Users, and Premium plans for stronger support. ( discontinued in 2020 ) This is a platform where Online Competitions were held. The idea was quite ahead of time and thus, was discontinued in 2020, after organising 4-5 online competitions. ( ) Broadcasting platforms are video hosting solutions that allow users to upload and broadcast video content to their audience. Businesses use online video platforms to share videos for the purpose of lead generation, building brand awareness, advertising, and providing paid access to video streaming. This is a platform where the team writes articles and blogs about its users as well as other artists, their latest releases, and shares interesting content.