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Born in 1990 in Battle Creek Michigan, Hip Hop and Rap artist 9INE5 aka 9-5, dedicates himself by writing positive messages, to inspire the generations of today and tomorrow Raised in a small city of crime and a large percentage of his peers that also records music, his lyrics continues to stand out as he believes strongly in creating Hip Hop that uplifts the Urban communities. He does exactly that with a unique flow. „Poppa was a fiend, momma was a pot head, 1993 B.C white projects, who woulda ever thought in 20 years I would amount to this when poppa was a fiend, momma was a pot head, momma put the pot down, pop wont put them rocks down, momma raised me right now Im a husband and a pop now, who woulda ever thought at 23 that little black child off 23rd street would change the game with his rap style.“ It all begin in 2008 when a highschool classmate recorded a diss song about the senior class, including 9INE5 and the rapper Griffin. 9INE5 and Griffin were friends and decided to make a rebuttle mixtape. This was 9-5 first time writing and recording music but little did he know, it wouldnt be the last. A Year later he found himself recording freestyles on laptops with a cousin and friends. After a year of doing that his passion for making music grew stronger and he began writing lyrics oppose to freestyling. After realizing his potential as an artist as well as his goals of a better future, he took his lyrics more serious and joined a music group of his friends IMG Musik. The end of 2010, during a few months of incarceration for a misdemeanor probation violation, he decided to pursue his dreams and make a career as an MC. Only four months had passed but it was during confinment that 9INE5 decided to have a successful life and that music was how he would accomplish that. He then began the writing of his album "Next Stop Top" The Spring of 2011 Shortly after his release he recorded for the first time in a professional studio (House Of Trees). Later that summer during a few homless months he began for the first time performing his music with friends including Griffin, at local clubs. By the end of 2011 he had his album finished and ready to release. Due to differences in sense of directions for his music he decided to leave the music group he was apart of and go solo. He then began to network using social media and joined for a short period of time an independent record label in California, although remaining in Michigan. In January 2012 9INE5 Released his first album "Next Stop Top" under independent label Boss records. Seeing his album on iTunes gave him even more motivation for making good music. While doing features with the label and other rappers including Lord Kass, 9-5 began the making of his mixtape. „from the bottom to the top I climed with little help, had some niggas tryna steal my shine and little wealth, had to tell em boss up Im fine Im by myself, Im a independent rapper yea I do this for myself.“ The summer of 2012 the once again independent 9INE5 uploaded single from Next Stop Top "Wonder Woman" the music video via YouTube . 9INE5 fanbase began to rise as he uploaded singles from the soon to be released mixtape including "Standin At Attention" and a fan favorite "World Comin To An End" to YouTube. In May 2013 hosted by Trigga Man, 9INE5 released his mixtape "Pay 9INE5 Or Pay Attention" via West Coast Mixtapes. With features of Florida's Lord Kass and Philidelphia's Kay-O. In August 2013 9INE5 moved in hopes of a better future, with his new born daughter from Michigan to Munich Germany. Although he performed at a couple clubs including La Tropicana and Pilots in Munich, the move to another country slowed his releases down tremendously. Only releasing one song "Cloud 9" featuring Lord Kass in April 2014. From 2014-2015 He continued to write music and making new connections in the new country, as well as adapting to the culture and language change. „I came a long way from Ramen noodles, Kool-aid, Cheetos, always lookin out the window, always havin to check the peep-hole, dont nobody move im at the line im shootin a free-throw, and this one for the Creek yo on my momma we gone eat bro!“ . February 2016 after two long years 9INE5 finally uploads another video „I Go“ to YouTube. With his lyrics, and his creativity, his music future is looking very promising. „Its been a long winter I had to keep my fans waitin, transported to another land Ghost-Rider, I left a trail blazin, no gmo my flow bio, realness what the people cravin, they put them pest aside to hear 9INE5 my rhymes like plantations. hard work, all profit, yea I had to slave for this, two year old first potty move, look ma I made it shit.“