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Herbert P! EL (* Neuss / Rhein) grew up in Kleve and Bad Ems, and has lived on the Rhine Heights in the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley above Boppard since 1997. Since 1975 he has been walking the fine line between crisis areas and high political prominence.


P! EL worked worldwide for internationally renowned photo agencies such as Reuters, Associated Press and 
the German Press Agency, as well as a commissioned 
photographer for Stern, Bunte and Spiegel but also for weekly and daily newspapers in the photographic supreme discipline:


The classic photo report.


The focus of his activities are artistic, journalistic and political reporting, but also tourism photography, event support  and photo and especially video productions from the economic sector.


In addition to the personal photographic company of international heads of state, (selection): Leonid Brezhnev, Michael Gorbachev, Yasuhiro Nakasone, Li Peng, François Mitterrand, Erich Honecker 
Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Elizabeth II, Queen Beatrix, 
Johannes Paul II., Willy Brandt, Helmut Kohl, H.-D. Genscher as well as the Federal Presidents Walter Scheel, Karl Carstens, Roman Herzog, Johannes Rau and Horst Köhler, Joachim Gauck, he worked on photo reports from crisis areas such as Ethiopia, Somalia, Kosovo and from the Kurdish area between Eastern Turkey and Iran as well as the former GDR and Soviet Union , as well as reports from the USA, Canada, Togo, Sudan and the old silk road in China.


P! EL is an appointed member of the German Society for Photography, a member of the 
state press conference RLP and winner of the most important German photojournalist award 
"Rückblende", 1st prize for "The Political Image", as well as various other awards.

In December 2016, P! EL was appointed to the ranks of ILFORD Masters, making it one of 18 
ILFORD Masters worldwide, including Sebastiao Salgado and Seth Rednick, and only one of 2 German 

He is represented by the photo agency "IMAGETRUST", among others. He was also recognized at the 
international World Press Photo Award, was 
asked to submit a picture for MAGNUM in Paris, and has won several international prizes and awards over the years. 
Various television reports on Herbert P! EL were shown on Arte, 3sat, SAT1, ZDF, SWR, as well as on 
ARD “Das Erste” and in ARD Morgenmagazin. 
The last exhibition series “Please don't smile!” And “WENDEZEIT” were presented nationwide 
and also in the Leica Galleries in Solms and Frankfurt. The current exhibition “ARRIVAL” 
on the current refugee issue in Germany was held in several German cities such as
Trier, Mainz, Düsseldorf, Bayreuth, but also presented in China.

The current 2-year project is changing the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley, photographed 
in the style of old masters like William Turner.

He is also a speaker for the LEICA MasterClass “Reportage” and a lecturer at the 
Gutenberg School in Frankfurt for photography and design, and a keynote speaker with his motivating lectures.

Some say “hunters and gatherers”, others write “Memory of the Republic”. 
P! EL's work and approach is difficult to describe. Through his extensive 
knowledge and preparation on a topic, he creates an intense closeness to his subject, 
and he maintains the necessary distance 
to assert himself impartially to the respective people and situations. Nevertheless, with his very personal view of things. 
Coupled with inconspicuous acting and emotional premonitions, a 
seldom seen intimacy emerges in the productions , which characterizes a large part of the photographs. His stories behind 
well-known picture icons and the sometimes idiosyncratic way of working take you with lively photo
Presentations on a guided journey back in time to the recent past. But often with a wink 
, in front of and behind the camera.


His motto: “I see myself as a hunter and gatherer. I hunt and collect moments!

Please contact by email: Herbert P! EL


+49 171-5661888


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