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Current City: Montreal, QC, Canada
Hometown: Montreal, QC, Canada

Paul Prince is the co-founder of Jebomedia Inc, and Acting Adminstrator of the company, Paul Prince is a writer, director, producer, actor, author, artist and many more. His Motto is try many things that you think you might like and keep doing them, never give up on things you love, because thats what make you alive. Paul Prince wrote several scripts that he intends to make a movie out of, He wrote a book, called " Lost in Europe that he intends to release very soon but due to the pandemic, it has been postponed.

Paul Prince First Novel, A transient ride , publishes on October 22nd, Available on all platforms

He also enjoy working in the nightlife as an MC, Event Host and sometimes as an artist for songs he created

Paul Prince wrote and produced MBM

wrote produced and directed wrong decisions

wrote and directed the upcoming film Run

also created, wrote and directed the web series the Mission which he also star in

He often prepares convention along with his partners to help the most needy, such a mental helps and more

if you wish to contact paul for any business opportunities personally

Email him at