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Current City: Whitehall, NY, USA
Hometown: Glens Falls, NY, USA

Worldwidecollaboration is worldwide collaborations, LLC which is a registered LLC. Registered company. It is broken down into 3 different parts of worldwidecollaboration. We have worldwidecollaboration the band where only artists can be apart of us.


Worldwidecollaboration has been known as wwcfam/worldwidecollaboration for many years since 2011. World Wide Collaboration has taken the leap to change its name officially to worldwide collaborations in 2019. World Wide Collaborations has now launched as an official company in 2019 with the new name World Wide Collaborations What is this World Wide collaboration that we are speaking of? Well let me explain it this way, World Wide collaborations is an official world movement beyond movements & talents and it is a registered company as worldwide collaborations LLC for now. World Wide Collaborations LLC is all about bringing everyone together and having them work together while supporting one another however they can. Changing the world together through music and talents. My brothers inspired me to get into music, dub da magnificent aka da gift, bc the incredible. The 2 members of 2stoned&intoxicated we all grew up listening to music together and freestyling together partying every day. We would be sitting there hanging out then one of us would say throw on a beat and we would freestyle all day long and stay up all night freestyling. That is what we did. I got into music because I grew up in it and they came out with green society and that is what we went by for the longest time throughout the years. Then dub and bc formed 2stoned&intoxicated when we got older but we still had G$. We had a lot of friends joining gs throughout the years as we grew up. Bc had 200 members in G$ and we were always recruiting new members. As we got older We moved away from each other but G$ never fell apart. As the years went by me and an old friend formed a music group called class and we represented green and blue as our colors for the world. Years later the music group cliazz was only me and one friend we formed cliazz. around that time I was working on a website called greeninternationalentertainment. After creating so many websites to create the best website yungfamous I won't talk about all the other websites it gets confusing with having so many in the past and trying to name them all in order. Around the time those websites were created worldwidecollaboration was formed in 2011 ever since then we had over 100 thousands of views on the websites over the years, and other social media websites as well. Around 2014 we came out with worldwidecollaboration merchandise. Over the years we came out with our own app on google play as well as our own online radio. Worldwidecollaboration has expanded so much over the years and now anyone can be apart of worldwidecollaboration any companies, Talents, etc is welcome to join us and be apart of worldwidecollaboration. Worldwidecollaboration is the world movement everyone everywhere everything. We are all about working together, helping one another, supporting one another, working together, helping one another however we can collaborate together. Founder of worldwidecollaboration said It has been many years since we came up with the idea of worldwide collaboration. It all started one day when he was working on a website and thought about helping everyone have fun on the website green international entertainment. He had games and everything but everything changed over the years. It was not all about 1 website it was about helping every one however he could. He built the extreme website for everyone to use and all the people he showed it to loved it. Then he kept on building websites and he got rid of some websites. He built some more and it was so much fun he kept on making more websites. To put the worldwide collaboration members on. He then decided to feature them on other pages and blogs including tumblr to get all the members recognized. Before everything started he was no face that was many years ago. That was the first name then he became a bunch of other names. He set out as yungfamous for awhile then he did some searching and he found someone with the same name so he went to DA creativity. When he started worldwidecollaboration he was midnight creature not too much longer he changed to yungfamous. Now he is DA CREATIVITY. He does everything for worldwidecollaboration. He wants to get every one seen. He believes that they will if everyone works together that is what collaboration is all about. They work together however they can to be successful. He said together let's build an empire we have seen so many people show the real them over the years after knowing them for a while. He said This is a family not enemies he support's all talents and he would like to see other talents join them and be a part of worldwidecollaboration. You can make mix tapes, albums it is up to you if you want to do it. We want to get everyone on the online radio that we can. We want to get everyone on the website that we can. We accept all talent from music to graphic designers, web designers, DJ's, producers, engineers, mixtape hosts, radio hosts, clubs, dancers, company's organization's, business, sponsors booking agencies you're all welcome to join us. Music movement talents every one supports everyone. Everyone everywhere everything we are the world together we stand worldwide collaboration you can show support by sharing anything from the real world wide collaboration we write our name in many ways worldwidecollaboration, the worldwide collaboration, worldwide collaborations and we also can be found on different social media using the hashtags #wwcfam #worldwidecollaboration since 2011. They now run the online radio 24 hours a day. You can tune in any time of the day. They now have an app on google play they stream right from the online radio to the app. You can download the app worldwidecollaboration on google play and tune right in. If you have any questions at all please visit the website The official website of worldwidecollaboration. Find us on twitter worldwidewwc, Facebook worldwidecollaboration, Instagram worldwidecollaborationwwc. We are the world movement everyone everywhere everything worldwidecollaboration. Worldwidecollaboration is a world movement that brings other movements together as well as different talents to help each other, work together, support one another however everyone can all around the world change the world together. Any movement's, artist's, labels, companies, radio stations can be a part of worldwidecollaboration even supporters as well. When another movement becomes a part of worldwidecollaboration they still represent their movement or whatever it is that they are and they will be a part of worldwidecollaboration as well. We support all Talents, Musicians, Music, Artist, Companies, Music labels, and any type of music movement, or other business and online radio stations. Worldwide collaboration. We will add you to the worldwidecollaboration member database, Soundcloud playlist, Spotify playlist, Youtube playlist, and other playlists depending on what you have. We will add you to our online radios depending on what type of music you have, We have a music social network for all talents you can sign up to as well for our members, We have a online radio website to feature only professional artists on, We have a online marketplace where you can sell your music, or craft, services, what ever you have, you get 100% We have are own online radio app where we can add artist on, We have are own app for our music social network, We have our own desktop app for our music social network, We have our own google chrome extension for our music social network, We have our own fb group, and fb chat for our members, We have our own fb page where we post our members on as well. We have our own chat, and group on our website, We have other desktop apps for ios and other operating systems as well for our music social network. We allow cross posting on our page from members pages on fb so that way our members can go live on our page as well, We have any type of online events on our fb page, music reviews, rap battles, online radio shows, interviews, contests, giveaways, etc We have worldwidecollaboration merch, and worldwidecollaboration products, and services including online radios, web hosting, online radio apps. We also want to get artists working together making albums together, mixtapes, songs, music videos, shows, tours, projects. We also want to make a audio and video documentary, dvd, cd based on some of the members that are with us and a book as well we are the world movement beyond movements and talents, everyone everywhere everything, We are the world together world wide collaborations, LLC, We are also a official registered company out of VA that started in NY with artist and talents, movements, companies, online radios from all over the world. We ask you to make a video stating where you are from, what you represent, what you do, and your name, and mention that you are apart of worldwidecollaboration, We also ask for you to email us your name, your country, state, city, your links, your videos, your bio and anything else that you may have so we can add you to our database as a member and make it so other artist and do shows with you, etc, We would like if you would like, share the page as much as you can or anything we ask you to share whenever you have the time because we are a team and we are doing this together as a family, Try to bring us other talents, artist, movements as well if you know any so they can be apart of us as well. Welcome to the family. Please record a quick 8-second video letting everyone know where you are from and what you do and that you're a part of worldwidecollaboration if you team up and join. Much respect to all become apart of worldwidecollaboration We allow anyone to become apart of worldwidecollaboration Like our page Worldwidecollaboration We allow all talents, bands, musicians, music groups, labels, business, tattoo shops to dog grooming businesses to become apart of worldwidecollaboration everyone is welcome to join us and become apart of worldwidecollaboration We're the music group that keeps growing and we combined other music groups and movements and online radio stations with worldwidecollaboration Were all about networking supporting each other helping each other working together sharing each others posts and music making music together however we can Changing the world together by bringing everyone together and helping one another We our the world everyone everywhere everything worldwidecollaboration.


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