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Current City: Atlanta, GA, USA
Hometown: NYC, NY, USA


Rnb, Hip-hop

Band Members

Stelove Koko

Record Label

TaliiBoyz Gang


Taliiboyz Gang, Big Money Team, Chris Tsuanna, Noiiz Apriil, Tiger


Stelove Koko is an artist rapper and entrepreneur.

Stelove is an artist, songwriter, singer , rapper and entrepreneur. He wrote for many artists around the world in English and French since he is bilingual.


Stelove has started with music every since he was a kid, his father would teach him how to play piano and guitar but wouldn't let him take the music to the other level so he'd be more concentrated on his studies. 

Stelove has done what his father asked him to but still remaining doing what he was born to do which is music. 

In 2013 Stelove jumped into music and started ghostwriting for different artists but He wouldn't mention their names for professional closure. 

In 2016 Stelove teamed up with the Label TaliiBoyz Gang, and has officially launched his music career as a singer and rapper, and He is now a part of this young promising Label where you will find artists like @Noiiz April, @Chris Tsuanna, @Raze Be, @Wizi Mitraya and many more. 

Stelove has also partnered with the Atlanta label named Big Money Team where He works with the Angolan-American artist @Tiger , they are actually working on several music project that'd be available as soon as possible.

Infos sources from Stelove Koko himself.

@Stelove Koko @Taliiboyz Gang


Originally from Congo, Stelove Koko is an artist who lived the most in NYC, but now has moved to Atlanta GA.

Stelove is an Artist, Singer, song writer and Rapper.

He has many times wrote song songs for several artists around the world.

Now Mr Flexx is working on his career as a musician and it's going pretty well already.


Michael Jackson, Usher, R. Kelly,

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