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Current City: Minsk, Belarus
Hometown: Minsk, Belarus

Stage Name or Name of our Group: Duet Bright

Category of Act: magicians, clowns, big bubbles, comedy illusion show

Number of Members: 2

Indicate name and duration of each our act: 

Magic show for children and adults from 40-60 minutes (Classic magic tricks with ropes, scarves, flowers, Chinese rings, playing cards, interactive tricks -jokes with the audience)
Big bubbles show - 30 minutes (Giant bubbles, bubbles with smoke, bubbles on a luminous table, foam bubbles, a man in the soap bubble and so on)
Illusions comedy show - 30 minutes (Houdini chest, piercing swords, sawing the viewer, the release of the rope, etc.)
Clown show with magic - 30 minutes (Interactive fun clown-magicians performances, clowns with whistles, perhaps performance anywhere, even outdoors.)

Describe our work experience: Professional actors, experience 10 years. Magicians, clowns, big bubbles show, comedy Illusions show. We participate in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, on holidays, corporate festivals, concerts. Performed in Qatar in 2012, 2014; Oman at Muscat Circus Festival (2016).

Additional skills:Members of the  International Magicians Society, World Clown Association, "Minsk Club Magicians", International Ventriloquist Society (Maria Kravchenko)