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Current City: Washington, D.C., USA

DC Rozay Aka Lil Chri$ (Chris D. Lartey) was born May 19th, In Washington D.C. At the age of 10, he felt in love with music. He is a Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B artist. When he was 13 he move to Sumter, S.C. (Aka Merk City). Put out his first mixtape "Street Smart Sh*t" In Aug. 2003. 3 Yrs later In May 2006, he drop "The Rebirth Of: Christopher Lartey". Only a few people knew about that because music wasn't his first hobby, Computers was. Around this point of time his name was buzzing, people was enjoying what they was hearing so he conitune. Later on in 2006 he release "Hard Work, No Play". Now that particlar CD brought people attention, he was gain alot of listener an even people wanted to do feature with him. He made music with a lot of upcoming artist (Fresh Of BFR, Yung Yhaunt, Stretch G, Rock$tar, Mightyx7 & More) an one major one with Just Rich Gates Aka J.C.E. ower call "Gunplay" its on YouTube. On Jan. 19th 2010, DC release a mixtape called "Dont Do Me Do U" on DatPiff, from that point he took off. Started his own group call "TCW (Team Clock Work)" with the help from long term freinds Kapo An Black. From that point on, they ran with it an became hug. He went from not being sure about music to being positive that's what he wanted todo. With the support from his Mother Crystal, his older Brother David & Family. Thanks to his listeners an supporters, without yall, There wouldn't be no him, Thank You. Now he's posting all his mixtapes on Datpiff ( & his Singles On Soundcloud ( an plus for FREE, Why? I refuse to put a price on somthing I love doing an plus Ima Unsigned Artist But For a Features, Hooks, an Booking contact him. Listen to his music an i hope you enjoy it, an leave him comments if you can Thanks an I'll return the love, never know you might hear your name in a song haha...... Holla at me DC Rozay TCW!!!!!!