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Dante Greene aka Mok1(beat maker/producer) aka Tae-Zu(Artist) Is The Founder of FunkyFatElephant Productions About F.F.E.(Funky Fat Elephant)Productions F.F.E. Productions was created mainly to bring in a new style all its own out of the mind of Dante Greene (Mok1 aka Tae Zu). To give a place an home to the music he loves to do an to express his views an feelings without criticism or judgement, but just letting the people fallow an grow with him. In time slowly producing music not just for him but a few like minded artist from his city. One of the groups are called The Knuckle Headz Crew consisting of himself and 4 other outstanding artist. As these artist working with or a part of F.F.E. Productions to create new fresh music for the masses. Information: Artist working or worked with(or apart of) F.F.E. PRODUCTIONS: TAE ZU-F.F.E. PRODUCTIONS G.A.M.-worded with MACVURICH-worded with In House Studio(s): DestiNation1 Studios-F.F.E. PRODUCTIONS About Mok1 aka Tae Zu(Dante Greene) Good Music is the game he likes to play an fire just seems to fallow. He has a deep love for his music an has a great love an respect for hiphop it self. Mok1 aka Tae Zu has been doing music sense he was 17 years of age off an on then getting serious about his craft when he hit the age of 19. Sence then he has been with some different groups growing and learning new things along his journey in his music career. Adding to his knowledge while on this road bringing him closer to the music. Improving his skills an put in the work to get himself recognized .... Yet to him anybody can say what ever they want but when you put in the work in to better your skills will surly prove how good you are an your passion for your craft he gives back to the music by always being himself in anything he dose when it comes to music or anything...expressing himself in his own way. So F.F.E. Productions thanks everyone that supports by listening, buying the music, giving feedback ect... If you are interested in purchasing beats or would like to get some of your tracks mixed/mastered you can contact F.F.E. PRODUCTIONS by email at: Prices and any other info wanted will be given as soon as you