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Current City: Beirut, Lebanon
Hometown: Beirut, Lebanon

B-girl Lana, 24 years old "

B-girling since 2008, started with friends literally on the streets, been inspired by the documentary ''freshest kids''.

I started with power moves, until I joined game over crew and learned the right way to practice and how to develop my style.
I never had the chance to battle against B-girls since there are non in the Lebanese scene , I have been battling in redbull bc one cyphers since 2009 vs b-boys only and the best rank I achieved was the semi-final.

 I got the chance to travel and attend many workshops and represent myself and  in several places,  the 2014 Blaze Master Jam Greece in which I got qualified in the top 16 1vs1 and 2vs2 all styles, 'Jeux de la Francophonie'' France, we got the 5th place on 19 countries.

My main goal in all this, is to travel and participate in as many battles as I can and take all the workshops if possible, to increase and push my experience/knowledge to the maximum.