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Current City: Bottrop, Germany
Hometown: Bottrop, Germany

Stuntkoordination / Stunt Perfomer Ich habe im Jahre 2000 als Stunt Performer im Park" in der Police Academy Stuntshow angefangen, mache immer noch gerne Stuntshows und arbeite auch für TV und Kinofilme. I am a Stunt Performer since 2000, i start in the park Warner.Bros.Movie World Germany in the Police Academy Stuntshow and work also for movies. my homepage: Skills Motorcycles: Wheelies , Jumps (incl. ramp to ramp ) , Dounats , Endos , Slidestops etc. Cars: Precision Driving , 90 , 180 , 360 and reverse 180 , Dounats , Car Hits , Falls from car Falls: Highfalls ( up to 25m) , Stair Falls , Body Stunts , Roof Rolls etc. Fights: For film and stage, Armed and unarmend , sword and sticks Fire: Fireburns, fullbody, Safety Other: Rappelling , Ratches ,Jet ski, Wireworks (bungee wires) , Fire Arms , Skateboard , Rollerblades,Acting