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Current City: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Miratti is a group that introduces a mixture of electro pop and techno to its audience. Its music contains a variety of sounds along with the English and Spanish languages. The group focuses on the new generations but at the same time it strives to capture a broader public. Miratti’s songs are written by its members. Miratti members include Monica, Manny, Claudia and Raul. The band originally formed in January of 2010 in Kansas City, Missouri. They immediately started working on a show that would later be debuted in one of the city’s biggest Latin events. Since their first appearance, Miratti has evolved into a music concept that has captured the Latino community. Eight months after the band was formed, Miratti was invited to open up shows for well-known Latino artists. The band has also performed at professional sports stadiums and has been on television shows in addition to having songs in local radio stations. Miratti is now focusing on exposing its music to the general public at Latino events around the country. Each show is designed to provide the best entertainment by creating an energetic environment that includes songs and choreographies that captivate the audience. The amount of attention that the band has obtained has increased over its four years journey. Miratti, a signed band under Trigga Entertainment LLC, promises to deliver an explosive pop sound that will leave the audience wanting to hear more.