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Current City: Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Hometown: Portsmouth, United Kingdom

BIOGRAPHY 2016 Hello, we are a dance/house/techno duo from the UK, 'invisible sin'. Composer and programmer Bryan L Cooper, and lead vocalist and lyricist Rachel Babatunde work together on vocal/dance orientated tracks to produce their own original music in the genres of Edm, Dance, House, Breaks, Drums & Bass. Working via the internet the two artists have so far collaborated on 6 unique and original tracks and are currently writing more! They hope to produce several albums and arrange a live set/show and produce other video material. Rachel Babatunde is the lead singer, she is originally from Nigeria, now in North London. She has a distinctive and cool singing voice, very much her own style and also writes engaging lyrics and ear tingling melodies to complement Bryan's music. She studied music at Crown Woods School, and has been involved in music ever since. Bryan is from Portsmouth, down in the South of England. He has been a music programmer for over 15 years, and produces progressive and melodic trance, breaks and house music, often accompanied by guitar tracks. He studied 'music theory improvisation with an instructor from the 'Guitar Institute' in North London. Happy listening, Invisible Sin *­.¸¸.·¯)??