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Current City: Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
Hometown: Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

Saurabh-he is a dedicated guitarist of catalyst since begining(2009).Before he was The lead guitarist of the band but now he plays rhythm guitar.Also he has a responsibility to manage catalyst. Kunal-he has a great skills of guitars.Since 2011 he is the lead guitarist of the band.He always brings new things in our music. Nilesh-he is a multi talented guy.He can play guitars,keyboard and drums,since feb 2013 he is the bass guitarist of our band. Harshit-he has a great rythm sectcion on drums,he has a great collecton of beats also he can play indian classical instrumet called Tabla.He is the heart beat of our band. Prashant-He hold back on vocals , who always brings a whole new element to the band through his experiments in our music. Great classical texture. Sanjay - He is the rhythm guitarist of the band. He is our riffs specialist, hardcore rock guitarist of our band. In brief you can say that catalyst is a group of multi talented guys who are fully devoted to music .CATALYST supports n gives chances to new talents also........