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Current City: New Delhi, Delhi, India
Hometown: New Delhi, Delhi, India

Skeleton Dance Crew brings an unimaginative talent to their dance act on par with anyone internationally. This eclectic Crew brings in a combination of dance and lights that amalgamate to create something spectacular. They perform the ’Tron Act’ by using radium lights on skeleton costumes that make them stand out in the ’dark.’ The group has males and females around the age of 21-29 who all share a common passion for their craft and have learnt to showcase in the most innovative style the country has ever seen. Skeleton Dance Crew is the only Crew in India to perform the Tron Act and each time they take stage; their common vision to better their performance from the last time is what keeps them tight together. Their flawless use of the light technique along with other dance forms such as popping, B-Boying, locking, waving, tutting, breaking gives them a certain edge over other dance crews. With their impeccable sense of timing these dancers are a powerful storehouse of Talent that is guaranteed to keep you enthralled right to the end. One of the major inspirations as dancers is ofcourse Michael Jackson who has ensured his timeless name in the hall of Dance Fame. Skeleton dance Crew makes sure to pay homage to this legend each time they perform onstage. They have been part of numerous brand engagement exercises and one of their most unique acts was to customize a dance performance for TATA TEA GOLD- the UV ACT! They have also been part of the Asian Paints Act where they choreographed and danced to a specially conceptualized Basket Ball themed Tron Dance. Its no wonder that this talented crew were awarded the Best Dance Crew in North Indian at the Business Leadership Awards held earlier this year. A talent that is a surefire leader in its category, a crew that can’t wait to make you dance- Skeleton Style!!