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Current City: Surat, Gujarat, India
Hometown: Surat, Gujarat, India

Communication is a verbal art and sound becomes the efficient medium to communicate. Have ever heard of communication done completely in silence? There are more than 4,000 languages around the world, but all of them need the medium of sound to communicate where one person speaks and the other listens, understands and answers. When sound is unavailable and people need to communicate they normally use hand gestures which are called signs. But signs cannot be considered a language because they are not complete or universal. Any language becomes a language if it has vocabulary, grammar, rules, etc. Dr. Sharad Gandhi has achieved the impossible and invented FaceComm - Communication through Facial Gestures and DanceComm - Communication through Dance. By these unprecedented arts of communication Dr. Gandhi can communicate thoroughly in silence using facial gestures and dance. It does not only inspire and positively motivates viewers, but also entertains. Dr. Sharad Gandhi along with Mr. Bharat Gandhi performs unique art of communication. This invention is a result of 15 years of research and hard work; more than 2000 live shows of this novel art is performed over the world.