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Current City: Canada
Hometown: Canada

Although I have been an artistic and creative person all my life, I am still new to this amazing experience as I started my fluid painting journey in January of 2016. The feeling playing with paint brings me is out of this world and I feel like this is just the beginning with much more to learn and explore. I create abstract and conceptual fluid paintings using different materials (mostly acrylic paint). I have a bold eye, like colors that pop and also tend to go towards the dark side; not always but often. I try to use as many color palettes as my mind can create and perceive. My art is modern and quite mysterious. People see different things in my painting and that is one thing I find very intriguing. If you have any color palettes in mind that you would like to see made as a painting, please feel free to reach out and I will keep an open mind to whatever is in yours.