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Current City: Worcester, MA, United States
Hometown: Worcester, MA, United States

Incredible, mind blowing, and versatile fire performances! Shows are customized to your event, budget, and vision. With over 13 completely different fire acts and 10 years of experience, the possibilities are endless! Sasha the Fire Gypsy is an incredible, accomplished fire performer who combines performance, dance, choreography, theatrics, contortion, and acrobatics to bring fire performance to the highest level of amazement and professionalism! With 10 years of professional performance experience and hundreds of shows performed, you can be sure that you are getting an incredible, mind blowing show that is 100% safe! With over 13 completely different fire acts, Sasha is one of the only fire performers who has trained and become proficient in enough acts to perform a 45+ minute solo show non-stop. After 6 amazing years of performing full-time in NYC, Sasha has moved back home to Massachusetts! Sasha performed all over NYC and the tri-state area, from the largest nightclub, to the smallest bars, and everywhere in between. Sasha is excited to bring her skills to New England! Fire Performance: I perform a wide variety of fire acts in costume and choreographed to music. Shows can be anywhere from 10-45 minutes long and can be performed in sets or one show. Shows are completely customized to suit your needs and budget. *Fire Eating with Tongue Transfers, Teeth Holds, Fleshing, and Vapor Holds. *Fire Poi *Fire Fans *Fire Hip Belt with Palm Torches *Fire Hula Hoop *Fire Sword *Fire Staff *Fire Double Staves *Fire Ropes *Fire Breathing *I also have custom pieces such as the Fire Collar and Fire Headdress. I also provide *Sparkle Effects* on props and green fire!!! A wide variety of costumes are available to fit any theme. I can be sexy circus, dark and mysterious, sparkly showgirl, modest, etc. Sasha also performs several other skills such as: *LED/Day Props* LED Poi and Smart LED Hula Hoop. Day props include Hoops and Poi. *Grinder Girl* Sasha wear a steel underbust corset along with steel arm bracers and leg grieves and takes a power angle grinder to the different pieces to create shooting sparks! *Sideshow* Glass Walking, Balloon Swallowing, Machete Ladder, Glass Eating, and MORE! *Aerial* Aerial Lyra(hoop) and Hammock. Aerial performances can only be done if your have a proper rigging point in the venue. Sasha can help you determine if Aerial is possible at your venue. *Mermaid* Sasha wears a realistic silicone mermaid tail and swims in your pool! Also available for GoGo, Music Video Shoots, Photoshoots, and more.