Hi & Low Deep House Remix Version Cill out Demo 2017

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Like all my songs, the one from my passion and music was born again! I do not know how it ends, I love to show you what my talent is and I want to make you happy in the future! Get often email if I know how music goes, must of laugh I make my style and also who it is not pop music bihn I glad but you like it team Asota music presents today Hi & low as always a story from my life with The cast a good composition to conjure! Sit back, turn up loud and leave the melody in you! Today my Remix self Original Demo sorry this song go to armada please no artist alow to share ! Hi Andrea Zechmeister , Thank you for submitting your demo to us. Filename – Hi & Low Deep House Remix Version Cill out Demo 2017.wav Artist – Team Asota Music Title – Hi & Low Deep House Chilly remix Original demo 2017

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